GSI Cyber Security

As cyber attacks become more and more frequent, it is critical that companies using industrial control systems understand the threats and risks as well as their vulnerabilities. Attackers could potentially affect the quality of products and efficiency of processes by making small adjustments to the control systems over time. Of growing concern is the hacking of industrial plants for extortion, a phenomenon that tends to go unreported.

Securing industrial control systems is challenging


Given the age of the components in many industrial control systems, much of the equipment has no provision for security. This means implementation of a robust cyber security program in an industrial setting requires more than reliance on prevention technology only.  Industrial cyber security must consider prevention, detection and mitigation technologies and processes to keep your systems secure.

GSI Cyber Security


GSI offers solutions that meet industrial cyber security requirements by bringing together a team of highly qualified cyber security professionals with experience to protect your operation and keep it secure. GSI customers are typically established facilities with an industrial control system already in place. GSI’s solutions often support incremental improvements to existing cyber security programs or the addition of new protections.

Using our expertise in instrumentation, software, automation systems, networking and data analysis, our team of professionals can quickly document, analyze, diagnose and develop a solution for your cutting-edge technology platforms or aging legacy systems.

As an exclusive industrial automation company, GSI recommends using the ISA/IEC 62443, Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security standard and API 1164 Pipeline SCADA Security standard as starting points. Our team’s familiarity and hands-on experience in operations and maintenance of industrial processes brings valuable insights to cyber security programs.  When the need arises for a custom software solution, we have the resources on hand to efficiently develop applications in-house, saving you time and money.


  • Comprehensive documentation of the industrial network
  • Vulnerability assessment to define, identify and classify the security vulnerabilities
  • Security risk assessment to determine the likelihood and consequences of a successful cyber attack
  • Define cyber security policies and procedures
  • Recommend and implement tools and technologies as needed
  • Educate employees about cyber security and prevention
  • Provide employees with knowledgeable outside resources

Benefits of a GSI Cyber Security solution


Successful defense of a cyber attack or effective mitigation once a breach has occurred protects production from extended outages and lost profitability. It can also possibly help your organization avoid negative safety or environmental consequences if the attack was intended to actually damage equipment or cause a loss of primary containment.


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