GSI Data Analytics

Many companies realize that big data is not just a buzzword, but a requirement to compete, one that requires managing large volumes of both structured and unstructured data. The opportunity today is to get business value from your industrial, commercial and other data and then use it to automate and optimize business processes and make better decisions.





Getting value from massive industrial data sets is challenging


Industrial data is different. It is created and used in real-time in environments where safety and security are critical. Often tools for analyzing data are deployed remotely on machines in a range of environments from the central engineering office. This makes integrating and synchronizing data in real-time challenging.

Getting the most value from big data requires well-planned data collection, data validation, analytical processes and access to people with the talent to leverage the technologies to carry out an effective big data analytics initiative.


GSI Data Analytics


GSI Data Analytics brings together teams of professionals with years of experience in industrial data.  From design, installation, operation and maintenance of sensors, logic solvers, PLCs, DCS and Plant Historian, to the analytics used in optimization, root cause analysis and continuous improvement programs, GSI has offered industrial process data services for over 20 years.

Supporting heavy process industries with automation and control services is in our DNA. Our professionals not only understand the technologies and techniques used to unlock big data, but our team has deep experience with the process, operations and maintenance side of industrial businesses as well.

We provide comprehensive services for all phases of the project, from planning to implementation, operation, and continuous improvement.

Techologies we support

  • Aspen Mtell®
  • Aspen ProMV™
  • Aspen Asset Analytics™
  • Aspen Fidelis Reliability™
  • GE Predix™
  • Rockwell Automation Information Solutions

We also develop custom Data Analytics Solutions to meet specific client needs.

Benefits of a GSI Data Analytics solution


  • Reduce the cost of gathering both structured and unstructured data
  • Increase collaboration with easily shareable information
  • Proactively identify factors impacting production
  • Identify factors that impact reliability, operations and maintenance
  • Identify opportunities for optimizing processes and improving safety
  • Improve quality while minimizing variance
  • Get actionable insights to make timely decisions


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