GSI Process Safety

Industrial companies today realize that their main asset is their people and that processes are critical for ensuring the safety of people inside and outside the organization. Process Safety Management (PSM) is a critical process for industrial companies. It prevents or minimizes the catastrophic equipment failures, loss of primary containment and fires and explosions that injure people, the environment and even the ability of the company to remain viable.


Staying compliant with safety regulations is challenging


The stakes are high. Companies must grapple with many safety-related State and Federal regulations and Industry standards and best practices.  Maintaining compliance with the convoluted list of requirements is a daunting task for even the largest companies. This requires ongoing reviews and maintenance of records on Process Hazard Analysis, HAZOP reviews, LOPA and SIL calculations, Alarm Management, Safe Operating Limits, Process Safety Information and more.


GSI Process Safety


GSI offers solutions for PSM by bringing together a team of highly qualified process safety professionals with experience to get your operation into compliance and keep it there. Typically our clients are established facilities with a Process Safety Management system already in place. Our solutions often are designed to support incremental improvements to existing parts of the program or to meet new regulatory or standards-based requirements.  Using our expertise in instrumentation, software, automation systems and data analysis, our team of PSM professionals can quickly analyze, diagnose and develop a solution using cutting-edge technology or a legacy system.

GSI has supported PSM work with Industrial customers since 2005. Our unique blend of technical resources means we can bring together a multidisciplinary team of registered engineers, data analysts, O&M technicians, technical writers, scribes and facilitators quickly and cost effectively to meet your PSM needs.

Our team’s familiarity and hands-on experience in operations and maintenance of industrial processes brings valuable insights. And if the need arises for a custom software solution, we have the resources on hand to efficiently develop databases, applications or web-based solutions in-house, saving you time and money.

Key capabilities

  • Pre-HAZOP documentation creation, updates or validation, including process walkdowns
  • OSHA compliant Hazard and Operability Process Hazard analysis
  • PHA checklists or templates for standard pieces of process equipment
  • Layer of protection analysis
  • IEC 61511/ISA 84-compliant safety instrumented systems and SIL calculations
  • Electronic safe operating limit reference tables and excursion monitoring
  • ANSI/ISA 18.2-compliant alarm rationalization and management systems
  • Automated demand tracking, KPI reporting, excursion monitoring and auditing solutions

Benefits of a GSI Process Safety solution


Besides being a regulatory requirement in the US, PSM is just good engineering practice for the process industries. PSM programs protect people, facilities and the environment. They also help to ensure process operations, reduce downtime, maintain quality of production and uphold your firm’s safety reputation.


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